An incredible story of bravery and it was all caught on dashcam.

At around 3 AM on Saturday, the Auburn Hills Police Department received a call about a crash on northbound I-75 near Baldwin Road, not far from Great Lakes Crossing. Bystanders told the police that there was an SUV on fire and that somebody was trapped inside.

He was breathing, but not conscious. Officer Ben Duggar was the first to respond.

Duggar grabbed his fire extinguisher and enlisted the help of a good samaritan. They ran to the passenger side of the car, which was right next to oncoming traffic. The officer handed the extinguisher to his helper and then proceeded to pull the man out of the burning vehicle.

EMS and firefighters arrived not long after; EMS was able to give the man first aid and the fire department put out the fire. The man was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

“Officer Duggar did a great job with his quick action and being right near the scene," Lt. Scott McGraw told WXYZ-TV in Detroit. . "He got there quick and didn’t hesitate to save this man’s life.”

He also told the news station that they have, and will continue to train for situations like these.

The dashcam video is incredible. The heroism is incredible. Adrenaline or not, most people wouldn't run towards something like this. True heroes in the Auburn Hills Police Department.

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