A super-bout of fisticuffs among more than 2,000 employees broke out Sunday night at an iPhone-manufacturing plant in China, sending 40 people to the hospital. But don't worry: it won't affect shipping dates. (We think.)

Workers at the Foxconn Technology Group unleashed some fists of fury on Sunday night, calling for the factory to shut down its operations. Nearly 5,000 law enforcement officers were required to re-establish order within the building. Foxconn’s Taiyuan factory consists of nearly 80,000 employees and manufactures both automotive and consumer electronics.

According to a statement from Foxconn, the riot grew out of a personal issue between a number of factory workers that eventually came to a head around 11p.m on Sunday. Peace was finally restored around 3 a.m.

“The plant is closed today for investigation," said a spokesperson for Foxconn.

While the extent of injuries is not known at this time, some reports say that employees burned vehicles, broke windows and, of course, kicked some serious butt. All we can say is that we certainly hope that the company’s employee health-insurance premiums were paid up.


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