If you've got a lot of time and a helicopter on your hands, we might have just the thing for you. Allow us to introduce you to the Kraay Family Farm — more importantly, the 13th annual Kraay Family Farm corn maze.

Located in Lacombe, Alberta (that's in Canada!), the annual corn maze has a reputation for being intricate and, we can only imagine, time-consuming. This year is no different, except they've made it even bigger than the previous years: the 2012 maze is covers 15 acres, with three bridges serving as lookout points (perhaps to find an exit or a reason as to why you began the trip in the first place).

But this time the maze itself is just part of the attraction. The labyrinth actually forms a QR Code, visible only from above. Covering 7.121 acres, when scanned, the code leads you directly to the Kraay Family Farm website.

The QR code set by the Kraay family is well over 300,000 square feet, 14 times larger than the previous world record. Who had any idea people were even trying to set QR Code records? Consider us informed.

As Jay-Z or Kanye might put it, "That sh*t kray." Or, in sticking with the family name: that sh*t Kraay.

Kraay Family Farm

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