Prince Fielder, who just might be the world’s largest baseball player, is now on the world’s largest baseball card.

Earlier this week, Topps – you know, the company whose cards your mother threw away while cleaning out the attic – unveiled a card featuring the Detroit Tigers first baseman that measures almost 90 feet tall and 60 feet wide. Or, what’s roughly the equivalent of Fielder’s plate when he goes out for a light bite.

The card was displayed in the outfield near the Tigers’ spring training facility in Lakeland, Florida and Fielder even attended a ceremony showing off the card that is so abnormally big there are already rumors it’s on steroids.

Just how enormous is the card? Topps provided some fun facts that you can use to discuss at the next party you go to and wind up discussing baseball cards (which, obviously, happens at all good parties). It would take nearly 83,000 regular-size cards to cover Fielder’s card – that’s stretched out more than four-and-a-half miles, which is about as far as Fielder can hit a hanging curveball.

So, the question now is what happens to the card. You can’t fold it because it’s too big and it loses all its value. You can't trade it because there's nowhere to keep the 83,000 cards you'd get in return. Maybe somebody will just shove it in pieces in their attic, so their mom can throw it out.

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