Yes you can, have butterflies to admire, help native plant species to thrive and satisfy your desire to be part of something larger than yourself. Planting pollinators is worthwhile and beautiful.

Many beautiful plants are attractive to insects that are important to our ecosystem. Perennials like bee balm, lavender, and butterfly bush are always great choices. Allium, coneflower, daylily, phlox and mums all lure garden friends. There are also annual flowers you can offer as a seasonal gift to busy, buzzing visitors. Lantana, sunflowers, marigolds and salvia are easy to grow pollen providers. Trees and shrubs also make a contribution to this effort. Plant amelanchier (Juneberry, serviceberry), flowering cherry, fruit trees, lilac, and spirea to balance out a diverse pollen rich landscape.

Help our community to help the community of pollinating insects to do their job, and consider registering your planting with Million Pollinator Gardens Project

And visit Wojo's Garden Splendors on Court Street in Davison for more ideas on how to attract polinators to your flowering gardens!

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