Do you have an urge to create? Are there spots in your garden that need a facelift? Has a pretty new flower captured your attention? One of the best ways to trial a new color pallet or freshen your landscape for the season is to plant containers.

Not just clay, but colorful ceramic or durable foam pots, antique garden ware, discarded wagons or unused carts can be your inspiration for an exciting accent. Perhaps you saved an urn from Grandma’s house or want to recycle the plastic pot that held your holiday greens. Your container choice is the beginning of a fun project for you to complete or to carry to your local garden center for assistance.

Picture this; plumes of graceful fountain grass, surrounded by vigorous annuals, colorful foliage and trailing accents. You just designed a beautiful container! Use some colorful perennials, and you can add them to your garden this fall.

Maybe you just fell in love with succulents and discovered a chip in a favorite birdbath… why not enlist the help of a young friend? Arrange different foliage sizes, colors & textures in a light weight soil, slip in a little fairy or miniature cottage and voila you just completed a DYI project and had BIG FUN!

Container gardening can satisfy a need to grow something, when space is small, mobility is limited, the budget is tight, or time is an issue. Fill a teacup, plant a window box or sow some seeds, then enjoy your creation throughout the season.

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