We pay every month for car insurance, just in case of an accident. Treat the coronavirus the same way - "just in case."

I see you, lurking in the comments section, telling the media that they're "fear-mongering" over Coronavirus. I also see some of you blaming this virus outbreak on a political party.


Stop blaming the media - if this virus wiped out an entire country, you'd complain that they didn't cover it ENOUGH.

May I make a universal suggestion? Treat COVID-19 like you treat your car insurance.

We drive our cars every day, knowing that we could get into an accident or that somebody else could CAUSE us an accident, but we still carry on...with caution. We pay for that luxury of being protected. People get into accidents every day, even if it's not you personally, yet we all still drive.

But when countries, schools, large events, and companies take precautions against a possible global pandemic, people call it "hype." Panic or don't panic, it's up to you.

It's YOUR body, YOUR health, which is something we do NOT value in this country. Look at our for-profit healthcare system and the lack of paid sick leave - it's clear that we don't put our health first in the United States.

Taking care of yourself, even if coronavirus hasn't touched you personally, isn't hype - it's insurance on your well-being. Be smart and stop blaming the media. If they didn't tell you about it and it wiped out an entire country, you'd slam the media for that, too.

It's insurance. Take it or leave it, it's up to you. But don't tell others how to live their lives.

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