Everybody can get the vaccine, but not everybody's insurance will cover it.

In case you weren't up early enough to hear, Pat dropped a bomb on me on the air this morning - he has shingles. AGAIN. I was gone over the weekend to Milwaukee to help my disabled parents; when I got home, I thought he'd gotten eaten up by mosquitoes. Nope - it's shingles.

We BOTH had shingles last summer. I was misdiagnosed with a "rash" three times before they figured it out; by then, it was too late for medication. And then, Pat got it. He was diagnosed pretty quickly and was able to get meds for it.

What was the ONE THING the doctors kept saying to me? "You're only 37, you're too young to get shingles."

Shingles is literally just the chickenpox resurfacing in your system as an adult. And because almost ALL of us over a certain age have had chickenpox, we're all at risk of shingles.

The more that we started talking about, the more people came forward to tell us that they'd had it...at a young age. Shingles have been stereotyped as an illness for the elderly. However, in recent years, more young people are suffering from it.

You've probably seen signs and commercials for the shingles vaccine; we asked our doctor about it and he said that it's covered by insurance...if you're over a certain age. For most insurance companies, it's 55.


Otherwise, the vaccine can cost anywhere from $100 - $200 out of pocket.


C'mon now. It's time to lower the age on the shingles vaccine so that it's available to EVERYBODY under their insurance.

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