Welcome home, Lynus!

57-year-old Lynus Parker lives in Novi with his family, and he's well-known throughout the community. He's a golfer, soccer player, loves to fish, and was active in the theatre community. That was, unfortunately, until March, when he fell ill with COVID-19.

Lynus and his family spoke with MLive; his wife Kirsten was sick with a fever back then, but her symptoms weren't serious enough (at the time) to be tested. He'd had a headache and a cough at first but, when his oxygen level dropped below 70, he made his way to the hospital.

They isolated him and tested him for COVID, which came back positive. They gave him hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin and sent him home. Two days later, he was back - he couldn't breathe. The staff told him that his lungs were in duress and they'd have to intubate him.

They put Lynus into a medical coma and had him on a ventilator for a little over a month. His family was not allowed to see him during this time.

After almost three months, Lynus was released from the hospital. He's still being fed by a tube, as his vocal cords are paralyzed from being on the ventilator and he's still in a wheelchair; he's doing physical therapy to learn how to walk again.

Lynus says that he's just grateful to be alive, even though the road to recovery will be a long one.

He's on long-term disability right now, and the medical bills are starting to pile up. If you'd like to donate to the Parker family, here's the link to their GoFundMe page.

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