Definitely a great example of team work from police, fire AND neighbors!

On Friday night around 7:30 PM, the Oxford Fire Department and Oakland County Sheriff were called out to a house where a horse had become stuck in a ditch.

The horse, whose name is Eli, belongs to a guy named Randy Davisson. They've traveled all over the country and visited almost every state in their 19 years together, and have even made it in the 2006 Ripley's Believe It Or Not book.

It appeared as though Eli had been scratching himself on a fence pole, lost his footing and fell into a ditch. He had one leg trapped under the ice and was quickly becoming hypothermic.

The attached tow lines and pulled Eli up, but he still wasn't moving. That's when neighbors showed up with blankets and feed, and they managed to get Eli out of the ditch, up the embankment and back to his pasture.

What a great effort put in by everybody! Nice work!

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