A kitten in a predicament received some much-needed attention from a local animal control officer last week.

Cheri Martin works for Genesee County Animal Control and, last week, she caught a pretty amazing rescue in photos. She posted the following on her Facebook page:

LIFE SAVED TODAY, thanks to Genesee County Animal Control's officer Shelly Jesso ❤️ There was a report of a cat trapped for 2 days under a shed, unable to get out. Without hesitation, officer Jesso went to the home where the cat was. She searched and was unable to find the cat. She was given better details,and returned to the home ,and found the cat!! She saved his life. He was definitely trapped under the shed. This is somebody's cat. He has a red collar on. He was rescued in the area of Morley off of Grand Traverse.

Thank you Shelly for all the animals you save every day ❤️ This cat most definitely has his life thanks to you.

Please share, he is now at Genesee County Animal Control. If there's a caring owner out there, we would like to find them.

This is such a typical #catproblem. You managed to get UNDER the shed; how can you not get OUT? Either way, this cat looks perfectly happy and content at animal control; lets get the word out and see if we can find who this kitteh belongs to.

Thank you to Shelly Jesso, Cheri Martin and all of the other wonderful folks who work for Genesee Co. Animal Control for helping the animals who need it the most!

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