Genesee County has been a target for human trafficking recently, but police hope to change that with the formation of a new task force.

The new group is called Genesee Human Oppression Strike Team or GHOST. The goal is to dedicate resources to stopping the human trafficking epidemic that has plagued Genesee County.

The team will work closely with neighboring counties to track and catch human traffickers as they try to run from police. Sheriff Pickell told ABC12 the reason Genesee County has been hit so hard lately.

Wayne County police agencies told us that human traffickers come to Genesee County because it's a relatively free work zone because there's nobody that's working in that particular area

GHOST is currently funded through September, but hopes to extend funding for years to come with the help of Federal grants.

Human trafficking has become a household word in our area lately as Michigan has been hit hard. It's something as a parent that you never want to think about. The nightmare of having your child taken away from you is tough to comprehend.

I hope that with this new focus in Genesee County it will be something that none of us have to deal with.

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