More than 100 neglected dogs were found earlier today (Friday) at a home in East Bay Township which is in Norther Michigan near Traverse City. The dogs were found during a blight enforcement.

According to UpNorthLive, the Grand Traverse County Health Department's Animal Control and the Grand Traverse Sheriff's Office went to the site on Supply Road and found roughly 20 dogs outside without proper food and water. They even one dog that had already died.

The scene got even uglier as animal control and officers entered the home.

Apparently, when they entered the home which is only 1,150 square feet, they discovered roughly 100 dogs. Yes, there were 100 dogs living in the home. It's really hard to wrap your head around that many dogs living in a home that size.

While in the home, they also found a bag that had five dead puppies in it.

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According to reports, the property owner had until today, the 28th to take care of their blight violations before the township would step in to handle the issue.

I'm not here to judge because I have no idea what kind of situation the owner was in.

One person on social media said she understands how something like this could happen.

You know....I think some people think they are giving each dog they get a good runs gets limited ....they start getting sick.....and it all ads up to an over whelming mess......even rescues have been in trouble at times many dogs .. not enough help and money and the person loves them all and doesn't want to give them up....I don't know what this situation here but I can see how it could happen really...

Another person felt breeding was the issue.

People see breeding as quick easy money...then pups don't sell and it just gets out of hand. Breeding should be regulated by licensing procedure with limits on pups. Sad for these poor animals.

The good news is, animal control and law enforcement stepped in a rescued the majority of the dogs that were still alive and living on the property.

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