Michigan State University just received a vast amount of money from the Charles S. Mott Foundation that will extend a community program that will help advance public health in Flint.

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With $25 million dollars being tossed around you are probably wondering, what does that actually buy?

President of MSU, Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD, stated the additional grant will allow MSU to add approximately 18 new tenure track faculty members, including more than eight main professorships that will help grow the program to more than 25 tenure track faculty and approximately 70 faculty members overall. NBC25.com

This grant will set up MSU for the next couple of years when it comes to expansion. You'd be surprised at how much money colleges and schools go through just to keep their programs running. I'm just happy we've finally got to a point where we can find the money for these schools and colleges before it's too late. Flint is known to have a poor education system. With the city being plagued by old deserted school buildings it's easy to get depressed about the school system here. Honestly, have you seen the old Civic Park Elementary building? Or the newer Northern High School building? It looks terrible! Now, is that a result of a lack of funding? I'm not sure but, I'm glad local leaders are starting to take our school system seriously and it starts with one grant at a time.


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