Flint's Riverfront has just received a huge chunk of cash in federal funding to help restore downtown Flint's most iconic spot.

The riverfront has seen countless performances and it's a staple in the look and feel of downtown Flint and now it's time it got a bit of an upgrade. With a budget of $1 Million, the city of Flint can really open up and fix a lot of major issues.

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The federal grant was awarded to Genesee County, in partnership with the city of Flint, by the National Park

Service’s Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program.


  • installation of multiple rock rapid areas within the main channel to naturalize river flow and allow fish passage upstream

  • resting pools to provide safe recreational benefits for fisherman and park users

I'm super excited for this grant to hit the Genesee County area. I've always said that Flint can be a beautiful place if we take the time to invest in our own. I imagine after the upgrades that come from this grant more people will begin to see the vision. Because I can promise you that a million dollars in upgrades with drastically change how the riverfront looks and feels.

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