The Genesee County Board of Commissioners has approved a request to give Flint's Berston Field House a super fat check that will be used to expand and improve Berston Field House operations. 

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If awarded Berston Field House could be getting a $400,000 check that could definitely help expand and improve one of the most important buildings in Flint's north side. Berston has been a beacon of light for Flint's youth for many years. And to finally see a big chunk of cash potentially headed there feels way overdue.

Commissioner Bryant Nolden says if Genesee County is awarded the grant, the money will be used to acquire land near the Berston Field House to improve & add to the recreational grounds.

Whatever they need in order to expand and improve Berston I say give it to them, twice. Berston has been around forever and is the only real positive thing on that side of Flint. I grew up in this city and recreational spots are very rare around Flint. Over time the economy has turned Flint into a third-world country and finding a location with free sports programs for kids is very rare. Especially with half if not almost all the schools in Flint being closed, sports are not a big focus. That's why Berston Field House is so important. Kids in the area can't afford to travel, they can't afford sports gear, and they lack guidance. I can say that because I was born here, and I know what it's like to not be able to play sports because the school is too poor, or I just didn't have the means to go.  Berston can and does fill those voids that the youth is lacking.

I hope they get double the money they're asking for so Berston can survive way past after we're gone...


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