Big Moe's Kitchen is coming to Genesee County.

With locations already in Garden City and Dearborn, Big Moe's Kitchen is branching out even more by adding a third restaurant in Grand Blanc.

What is Big Moe's Kitchen?

Big Moe's Kitchen is a quick gourmet carryout restaurant. However, they do offer some seating for dining in.

They have salads, wings, wraps, subs, rice bowls, sides, desserts, smoothies, and more.

I'm all about wings so let's break down Big Moe's sauce selection. They have Bam Bam
Sweet BBQ, Honey Garlic, Asian sesame, Smoked Jalapeno Chipotle, Cajun, Garlic Cilantro Parmesan, and more.

Big Moe's Kitchen Facebook
Big Moe's Kitchen Facebook

They also have some signature dishes that sound very intriguing like the Bam Bam Shrimp, BBQ Chicken Egg Rolls, Loaded Smoked Brisket Fires, and the Almond Chicken just to name a few.

See their full menu on their website.

Big Moe's Kitchen Facebook
Big Moe's Kitchen Facebook

Who is Big Moe?

Big Moe is a culinary expert with over 15 years’ experience under his belt. His first ever location was located in a gas station in Wayne, Michigan in 2016. The feedback was so amazing that Chef Moe decided it was time to take things to the next level by finding a bigger and better location to share his passion for cooking. That's when he opened up the first "official" Big Moe's Kitchen in Garden City.

Where is Big Moe's Kitchen Located in Grand Blanc?

Big Moe's Kitchen in Grand Blanc is located on Grand Blanc Road in the plaza between Guido's Pizza and Roly Poly Sandwiches.

When Will Big Moe's Kitchen Open?

At the moment, we don't know exactly when they're planning to open their doors. As of right now, the sign on the door just says "coming soon." Hopefully, it's real soon because I've got to try those wings.

I'm not all that happy with the restaurant options in Grand Blanc so it'll be nice to have something new to try. Don't get me wrong, there's a couple places that I like, I just wish we had more options.

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