A group of anglers from Australia have quite a fishing tale  to tell, with the video to back it up.

It all started when the crew of the 'Little Audrey' hooked themselves an impressive 600 pound marlin during an excursion off the coast of Cairns, Australia.

Then things got crazy: instead of accepting its fate as many tasty dinners, the giant fish jumped up into the boat, sending one of the fishermen sprawling. The marlin also swiped at a chair, which flew across the deck and struck another fisherman in the head.

The fishermen (and the chair) escaped with minor injuries. The feisty fish was ultimately released.

But the best part of the incident is that it was captured from four different camera angles, which allowed one of the anglers, Jeff Hudson, to craft it into a short film with a snazzy soundtrack. 'Highway to the Danger Zone' indeed...

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