These scams seem to come in a lot during the holidays and this one happens when you get called about a warrant for your arrest. Ok let's be clear before I continue with this scam, police will never call to tell someone there is a warrant for their arrest and demand money and they will also never give warrant information over the phone. But here we go again as police officials in Hillsdale county have reported several residents getting scam calls regarding this.

According to WILX, the Hillsdale County Sheriff's Office have received a few calls from Hillsdale County residents that they are getting calls saying they have warrant out for their arrest. When the resident listens more the scam call says they need money over the phone or billing info over the phone for their bond or they will be arrested by the police. Of course when residents get this call some have called back and they get a recording saying they are from the police department but they don't identify which one or where they are located.

Obviously if you read the first paragraph you will know that the police will never call you about wanting to arrest you, as they will just go find you and pick you up most of the time. Also when a police department calls you and you call them back you will get a person and not a automated message. So once again don't fall for this scam as it is during the holidays and many scams come out now to swindle people of money when they need it the most. More on it here.


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