There's nothing to get your undies in a bundle about...yet. Don't ruffle feathers for no reason.

Late on Monday night, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a list of recommendations for the upcoming holidays, including Halloween.

FYI, the definition of the word recommendation is "a suggestion or proposal as to the best course of action." The definition of the word suggestion is "an idea or plan put forward for consideration."

Do you see where I'm going with this?

There was a LOT of fake hysteria online yesterday; people were claiming that the government (national, state, and everything in between) had canceled Halloween.

THIS IS NOT TRUE. Not yet, at least.

No governing body in Michigan has "canceled" or "banned" Halloween activities. In fact, a lot of cities are trying to clear things up online, like Portland, Michigan:

Now, I'll play the devil's advocate - it's not even October yet. Halloween is still 38 days away, which would give ample time for alternate decisions to be made. I'm not saying that this won't happen but, until it does, please don't get people riled up for no reason.

You wanna dress your kids up and trick-or-treat while observing social distancing? Fine, have fun. You wanna go to a haunted forest? Fine, have fun. A lot of them are open. You wanna put candy out at the end of your driveway? Fine, have fun.

Maybe you don't feel comfortable doing anything this year? Fine, have fun with whatever you and your family choose to do.

Do me a favor, though - stop with the mass hysteria. This year is a dumpster fire. We're all exhausted and stressed out and people are fighting 24/7 on social media; don't fan the flames with fake news.

Just like the city of Portland, Michigan said in their Facebook post - be smart, be safe and have fun!

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