Well, it was a valiant effort.

Flushing Valley Golf & Country Club has announced that, as of now, they will be ceasing to hold all large indoor events for the foreseeable future. This comes in response to a wedding reception that they hosted about two weeks ago that has resulted in six confirmed cases of COVID-19.

According to MLive, events at the club that have already been booked will be moved outside or canceled.

The reception took place on August 15th with over 100 people. Indoor gatherings of groups of more than 10 people were banned by Governor Whitmer back on March 13th. However, outdoor gatherings can be more than 10.

Officials at the club are saying that they "misunderstood" the order.

The Genesee County Health Department is conducting an investigation with their communicable disease team; they're looking for cases related to attendees of the reception and reaching out to people who were there. Attendees with confirmed cases are being asked to self-isolate for 14-days.

On a personal note, let me tell you why this gets my goat - this past weekend, we were supposed to be in Chicago for the wedding of our friends Jon and Jessica. They're the LAST of our friends to get married and we were very much looking forward to celebrating with them.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jon and Jess scaled down their ceremony to just parents and a couple of attendants and rescheduled their reception for next summer, and we all watched the ceremony on Facebook live. And they were GREAT sports about it.

Why would anybody think that THEIR EVENT is more important than somebody else's to the point that they can have a big wedding reception, but others can't? Selfish.

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