We'll be watching it!

14-year-old Cody Wright from Kalkaska and his dog John Henry will be traveling to New York City in about a week to participate in one of the largest and oldest dog shows in the world - the Westminster Dog Show.

John Henry is a Redbone Coonhound and he and Cody have been practicing for this moment for the last seven years. They train for hours every day and John Henry has a strict grooming regimen. They were chosen for the dog show after beating the competition at several other shows.

Cody said that he's the underdog; he's used to being the youngest handler in the room but says that it's a good way to "get seen out in the world."

He also says that he's been dreaming of this moment since he was 7. Good luck, Cody and John Henry! We'll be cheering you on from Michigan!

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