A deputy/corrections officer that used to work in Saginaw has been arrested and charged after he duct-taped and shot his rescue dog and then dumped him in a ditch.

The dog (Habs) was an extremely friendly dog. So much so that he failed to become a therapy dog for veterans because he was too friendly for the program. Yes, the only problem with this stray/rescued dog was that he was too friendly.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, after failing to graduate the program, he was adopted roughly a year ago by Jacob Wilkinson, who was a corrections officer in Saginaw at the time.

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Wilkinson was apparently clipping the dog's nails when he nipped at him. Which is normal, my dog used to nip at me too when I'd clip his nails but I never once flipped out like this guy did. Wilkinson was so angry that he duct-taped his dog's legs and mouth. He then tossed the dog in the trunk of his vehicle, drove to basically the middle of nowhere, and shot him three times in the head. That whole scenario is so messed up.

It was reported that earlier this month, Wilkinson was arrested and charged. At the time, he was a deputy with Genesee County. Sheriff Chris Swanson said this is a reflection of how Wilkinson would treat people, too.

Chris Swanson:

If you are going to hurt, abuse, neglect, beat, kill, torture an animal – you're going to do it to a person.

The whole situation is disgusting and evil.

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