Yes this happened on Monday when Mid-Michigan had about 6 inches of snow dropped on it but unfortunately one driver got more than just snow on their car. According to WOODTV, it was a Kalamazoo driver, Kevin Hoffer, as he was merging onto northbound US-131 from Stadium Drive Monday. He saw the plow driving along the road above and thought nothing of the snow and ice that was being hurled by the plow. Unfortunately for him as you can from the video it did a lot of damage, and it was all caught on his dash cam video captured in real time.

He wasn't hurt by it but like most of his if this happened, he was in shock and sat on the side of the road for a bit before he was helped by a Michigan police officer. Also here's a little information if your car is damaged by snow plows MDOT is supposed to give you the money to fix it, but usually this type of thing doesn't happen often so watch out when you are driving in the snow the rest of this Michigan winter.

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