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Do you know someone who just LOVES the state of Michigan? (Really, who doesn't?) If you're looking for a gift for that "Pure Michigan" person in your life, we have you covered.

There's no shortage of Michigan-inspired gifts, but these are definitely our favorites.


Is it legal to make this close of a replica? Guess so, because it's totally something you can order. It measures 6" by 12" and is made of metal. Want it to say your friend's name? Maybe the name of a town? Get creative with this awesome gift that anyone who loves the Mitten State will be sure to enjoy.

I'm going to go on the record right now and say that I know that these coasters don't show the WHOLE state of Michigan (the U.P. isn't included). BUT, they're still great for anyone that you know who loves the state (as long as you let them know that it's missing a piece of their beloved state.)

This ring screams "Pure Michigan" for two different reasons. First of all, it's shaped like the state of Michigan (the whole state this time). Second of all, it's copper-plated, and Michigan is known for its copper mines.

Maple syrup is another one of those things that Michigan is known for. Lots of folks, especially in northern Michigan, spend the late winter/early spring tapping trees, collecting sap, and making this liquid gold. This particular product is made by the folks at Honey Tree, Inc. in Onsted, Mich. (Onsted is located in Lenawee County.)

Have a friend who has moved out of state and is missing the tastes of Pure Michigan? Why not ship them a six pack of the state's favorite ginger ale, Vernor's? (No other ginger ale compares, and it is the BEST thing to drink when you're sick.)

For true Michiganders, Michigan is home whether you still live here or not. This awesome metal wall hanging is perfect a friend who still resides in the Mitten State, or that friend that's moved away and misses home.

Speaking of Pure Michigan, we need your help settling a debate - where do you consider to be "Up North"?