Of course, this is just my opinion. But I'm a Halloween junkie and self-described expert, so you should listen to me.

If you haven't started a countdown yet, let me do it for you - there are 53 days left until the spookiest day of the year. Maybe even the decade, or the CENTURY. Why?

This year, Halloween falls on a Saturday. AND there will be a full moon. AND it's Daylight Saving Time, so well get an extra hour of Halloween.


Dead serious.


And, if today is any indication of the weather for the foreseeable future, we think that it's time to start decorating.


I've been taking screenshots of the coolest, most fun, spooky Halloween decorations that I've found on the internet and I'm ready to share, in no particular order. Happy decorating!

1. Floating, Talking Pennywise from IT

via partycity.com

I mean, even people who claim that they don't hate clowns because of these movies are usually lying. Why not hang this from the tree in your front yard or on your porch? At $249, it's not cheap, so it may be your ONLY decoration, but hey - we all float down here.

Want it? Purchase it HERE from Party City.

2. Glowing Face Witches

via orientaltrading.com

"Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble."

I mean, you can't just buy ONE, right? Here's a set of three for $67 at Oriental Trading Company.

3. Talking, Animated LED Pumpkins

Each Jack-o-lantern is $32.99 at DealExtreme.com, so you might as well buy a few.

4. Motion-Activated Haunted Mirror

via amazon.com

This is a MUST if you're doing indoor decorations, and it's only $18.87 on Amazon.

5. Giant Hanging Skull

via Amazon.com

This thing is 14-feet-tall and would look fantastic at the entrance to your house. And it comes in at the cheapest of all of our picks - only $11.99 on Amazon.com

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