Winter doesn't officially start until the end of the month but we already had about 6 inches this week so let's just say it started. And if you are wondering if we have the worst winter out of all US states you are close but wrong. This is according to Thrillist, which made the list from a few people that are from the two places in America with pretty bad winters, the Midwest and the Northeast.

Michigan came in 2nd on the Worst Winters list behind another Midwest state Minnesota. They ranked Minnesota worst that Michigan as they get more snow than Michigan does (average of over 170 inches) and they have much colder temperatures than even some U.P towns get (some towns have recorded -60F). But in Michigan the winter lasts longer than most states as it starts around or before Thanksgiving and goes until Easter or even after that.

Michigan came in 2nd ahead of Alaska, somehow, which doesn't even see the sunlight for most of the season. Michigan also beat out North and South Dakota which has some places that you can't visit due to snow. You can see the full list here, and bundle up this winter as we are primed for a bad winter this year after the last few years have been mellow.

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