This couple was handed lemons and they made lemonade.

April Moses and Dormon Page have known each other since they were 14. They were set to get married this week in Las Vegas but, because of the coronavirus, they had to cancel their plans. The chapel in Vegas gave them a year-and-a-half window to roll over their plans.

So, instead of waiting, April went online and found a wedding officiant - Rev. Pamela Swider from Ferndale - and set up a wedding in Geary Park. Her brother-in-law and the officiant's husband were the only two guests.

“I’d rather be his wife during this crazy time where me and him can actually live as a married couple and enjoy life together with all this craziness," she told the Detroit Free Press.

April said that they will likely go to Vegas to renew their vows. Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Page!

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