The key word here is "meaningful" jobs, and we love it.

Kent County resident Jenny Cole, whose son Brody has Down Syndrome, has opened her own business - Brody's be Cafe. It's something she's wanted to do for years; she started it because she wanted to give adults with special needs a place to work.

On their Facebook page, owner Jenny has posted this statement:

Down syndrome, 22q, autism, fetal alcohol syndrome, broken leg, memory loss........please be mindful, and don’t assume. We all have disabilities. We all have gifts. At Brody’s be Cafe, our employees may or may not look “different” to you. We are all different, but inside we are pretty much the same.

The cafe, located in Ada, has 13 employees with disabilities. Workers are paid minimum wage; some work a few hours at a time, some work a full part-time shift and others volunteer.

If the roads weren't so bad, we would've driven there to get our coffee this morning! Well done, Jenny!

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