Cat lovers, you've found your match - Herman will sit in your lap all day long.

Ladies and germs, meet Herman. He's approximately 6-8 years old, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and he can be yours all day every day for just a $20 adoption fee. He is very unique with his orange and white markings throughout. And look at those EYES!

courtesy of Genesee County Animal Control
courtesy of Genesee County Animal Control

Herman loves being brushed and groomed. If you can get under his chin, you’ll get extra tuna points. He typically purrs when he is eating, which is a lot. He's also a soccer star in disguise - he'll kick away the second you start rubbing his belly. If you can provide him with any toys that make noise, he will most likely score all day.

Luckily, shelter life has not phased him at all. He is cool, calm, and collected at all times. Even though he may be too large to hold or pick up, he really loves to lounge around with his people where ever you are. He can be a little shy around other animals at first but should warm up quickly if you give them a proper introduction.

The shelter is still taking requiring appointments to adopt; if you're interested in Herman or another animal at GCAC, call 810-732-1660 or message our Facebook page

Want to volunteer instead? They are having an orientation this Saturday, Aug. 1st at 9:30; you must be 18 and pre-register. Just email

Let's get Herman into his furrrever home right meow!

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