A man was shot and killed at a child's birthday party in Detroit on Friday.

It was an ugly night on Detroit's west side after two men got into an argument at a park near Fullerton and Indiana avenues. The argument happened during a child's birthday party and escalated to the point where one of the men opened fire, killing the other man.

It's not clear if both men fired guns at one another or if it was just the one man. At this point, not many details have been released. However, according to WDIV, the shooter was on the run as of late Friday night.

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First off, who the heck brings a gun to a child's birthday party in the first place? Second, why are people fighting at a child's birthday party? This world is so messed up.

Just imagine what something like that will do to the kids that attended that birthday party. A man getting shot and killed in front of them is something that will scar them for the rest of their lives.

Apparently this kind of stuff happens more often than you would think. One person on Facebook commented about the situation saying that something similar happened at her son's birthday party a few years back.

How sad. That happened at my son's birthday party few years back. We had a party at Play Atlantis and somebody in the party right around the corner from our party was shot in the head. Terrible kids have to go though that. ~ Kimberly

Another Facebook user had this to say:

The usual suspects with zero self-control. Everything is emotional, no rational thought processes at all, combined with entitlement attitude. ~ Don

I think I have to agree with Don's comment 100%.

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