A Michigan pharmacist has put an end to a string of Detroit-area robberies by placing a location tracker in a thief's fake prescription bottle.

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Five Pharmacies Robbed

Kristopher Kukola is accused of the five robberies, hitting CVS stores in Ann Arbor, Saline Milan, and a store in Van Buren Township twice, according to Detroit TV station WDIV-TV. He's currently being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations for the alleged incidents occurring between May 27 and July 7 of this year.

Suspect's Demeanor Was Polite

Kukola apparently minded his manners as he brandished the handle of a gun at the Van Buren Township CVS and informed the pharmacist that he was being robbed.

“I don’t mean to alarm you, but this is a robbery," he told the employee. "Get me all the Norcos and Vicodin you have. You have 10 seconds."

The pharmacist and a pharmacy tech were then ordered to lie on the ground and the suspect left through the store's front entrance.

Tracking Device Placed in a Pill Bottle

After several CVS pharmacies were robbed, one quick-thinking employee at the Milan, Michigan location put an end to the robberies.

While putting pills in a bottle for the suspect, the store employee included a decoy pill bottle that contained a GPS tracking device. The device provided real-time tracking information to local authorities.

Suspect Apprehended

Shortly thereafter, police caught up to the man, who told them that the "real suspect" had run in the other direction.

Upon searching the man's vehicle, police found various narcotics and a gun that matched each of the pharmacists' descriptions.

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