A Michigan man is feeling much relief after a dive team recently recovered his prosthetic leg that had fallen off while he was enjoying a day at Sunrise Lake.

Brandon Smith was spending some time with his family a Sunrise Lake in Milford Township when his prosthetic leg somehow came off and sank to the bottom.

His son jumped off the raft that smith was floating on and that's when his prosthetic leg detached.

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It probably wouldn't have been that big of a deal if the leg hadn't cost $80,000.

According to WDIV, after the family called the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, members of the dive team met with the family on Monday for about 40 minutes and used GPS coordinates to try pinpoint where to search.

A couple of days later, the divers went down nearly 50 feet and recovered the leg which was still in good shape.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard:

Our dive team does an amazing job in a variety of conditions and circumstances. In this incident, they were able to make a big quality of life difference for this gentleman, who obviously would be greatly negatively impacted by the loss of his prosthetic leg. I’m proud of their work every day and especially in this circumstance.

I'm sure the dive team gets called from time to time to recover expensive items that are lost in the area's lakes. However, I'm going to guess that this was their first prosthetic leg case.

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