Talk about dinner and a show. A  Michigan restaurant is reopening under new ownership and one of the additions to the popular spot is a giant live shark tank.

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According to Hometown Life, a 20 thousand gallon fish tank inside of the restaurant will be home to yes, multiple live sharks. Along with the addition of the giant tank, the restaurant itself will be expanded.

As far as I know, there is no other restaurant in Michigan to feature live sharks. I am sure people will come from all over to see such a mammoth tank with actual sharks. That is not to say everyone will love it. Simple solution, don't go if you don't like the idea. Easy as that.

As of now, there is no set date for the Milford House grand opening. There are quite a few projects that the new owners are taking on in terms of remodeling the space. Nonetheless, when it does open - I have a feeling there will be a line out the door. I for one am definitely interested in checking out the sharks. I have no desire to swim with sharks, but I will have a beer and a burger next to one swimming safely inside of a tank.

The Milford House will definitely be a family-friendly destination from all accounts, and additional plans include an adults-only wine bar too. I love it - something for everyone (including shark lovers).

I will keep you posted as further progress is made on the restaurant, and all plans are approved by the Milford Planning Commission. In the meantime - tell me what you think, are you excited about the possibility of dining next to live sharks?

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