There have been rumors about the Detroit Lions looking to trade Matthew Stafford, and a source close to the team has confirmed them.

According to WDIV, a source close to the Detroit Lions has confirmed that the team is shopping Stafford for a couple of weeks. Team officials have yet to comment on the news of trade talks going public, but that has not stopped Kelly Stafford from weighing in on it.

Kelly and Matt have made Detroit home for the last 11 years, and I love that she is always so vocal about the city and team. She has gone through more in the last couple of years than most of us will in our entire lives, so she's earned the right to say what she wants. She posted about the trade rumors on her IG account.

Kelly Stafford Instagram
Kelly Stafford Instagram

I know that the Stafford haters out there will be happy about this news, but not me.

Stafford is everything you want in a franchise quarterback, he's just had the misfortune of being with the wrong franchise. It drives me nuts when people try to lay the Lions woes on Stafford's feet, especially when you consider everything that he has accomplished in his career.

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The fact is that if Stafford gets traded, he will immediately make his new team better. Meanwhile the Lions will have to find some other scapegoat to blame for more years of suffering.

Don't believe me? Check out the interview that Calvin Johnson gave about the problems with the Detroit Lions.

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