Flint resident Stacy Swimp is involved in a 3 year long custody battle for his son Christian. The journey has been full of twists and turns as these cases are, even with an arrest of Mr. Swimp. The charges against him  - NOT failing a drug test and asking law enforcement to help!  Listen to a live interview as he outlines his case

Mr. Swimp has filed several lawsuits against those who he feels have caused his son to remain in a dangerous.environment during the custody hearings. The named individuals include a police officer, child protective services workers and the judge that has been supervising the case. Watch a press conference detailing the case.

Mr. Swimp has dedicated his efforts not only for his son but has become an advocate for other parents who find may themselves in a similar situation. He speaks out publicly to inform parents, and does not hesitate to lobby politicians for changes and clarification to laws surrounding the family courts.

Follow Justice4Christian the website which chronicles the story of Stacy and his son Christian.

His next court date is set for November 6, 2019.


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