For those of you who didn't know that peak week is a "thing," join the club.

It's the time of year that allergy sufferers absolutely loathe - fall. Sometimes, it can be worse than spring for hay fever and other symptoms. Did you know, however, that there's an actual NAME for it?

This week is "peak week," and we all need to be prepared.

The third week of September is traditionally the worst for ragweed - there are 17 different kinds of it floating around in the air we breathe right now. This creates problems for allergy sufferers...and asthmatics.

I have a mild case of asthma; I take Singulair daily and have a rescue inhaler with me, but I rarely need it...until recently. I've had to take it out of my purse and stuff it in my bra during bike rides and have it in my pocket when I teach dance.

Stay safe this week. Know your body, know the signs of an asthma attack, no matter how mild your case. Hopefully we can breathe easier soon!

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