The new Vice segment 'Inside the Michigan Militia' gives us a rare peek behind the curtain of what is considered by some "the most dangerous threat facing America."

The Michigan Militia has been around for a long time. So long, in fact, that many forgot they were even here. Not only are they still here, but the mini-doc says that some militias have grown as much as 40% this year.

The video claims that a sitting President "bent on gun control" and a presidential candidate "tapping into fear and anger across America" could be causing the rapid growth of groups like the Michigan Militia. More interestingly, the Flint water crisis, recent terrorist attacks, and Syrian refugees seeking refuge in Michigan are a couple of the issues they cite as reasons that the Michigan Militia continues to attract new members.

Another claim the report brings to light is that groups like this one are "the biggest threat facing America." While they are well-trained, heavily armed, and their total numbers are unknown -- that doesn't necessarily make them a threat. One member says "I don't think the government need fear us at all...  other than if they stick their nose out too far." One such example of said "nose sticking" included mass gun collection.

Is the Michigan Militia dangerous? By the very definition of the word -- absolutely. They are also within their constitutional rights. Are they the biggest threat facing America? You might get different answers depending on who you ask, but it's really a matter of circumstance. One could easily imagine a situation where a group like this could be the last line of defense for the people of America, but, conversely, it's just as easy to imagine them becoming a nightmare. Again, the key word is circumstance.