At long last, all our efforts to brave another SNL season will pay off when distinguished alum Fred Armisen takes the stage to host the Season 41 finale. Armisen hasn’t exactly been a stranger to Studio 8H, but seems a bit forgetful in his first SNL finale promos with fellow veteran Kate McKinnon.

While the first promo for Armisen’s official SNL return sees he and Kate McKinnon dusting off a few (figurative) cobwebs in Central Park, another promises to answer all your burning finale questions, including who lives, who dies, who might have other existential queries to share. Hopefully among the survivors will be Courtney Barnett, acting as musical host.

Certainly, the 41st season of SNL has been an uneven one, with this past weekend’s Drake-hosted hour coming in pretty well under the wire, but will an experienced hand like Armisen stick the landing? Which, if any of the SNL vet’s returning characters might put in an appearance?

Check out the promo above, and stay tuned for the latest on SNL’s Season 41 closer.

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