Beer drinkers in Michigan are not surprised by a recent report showing that Michigan Beer is billion dollar business.

The information comes from a report put out by Beer Serves America. The short story is that the Michigan beer industry has a major impact on Michigan's economy. A little over $10 Billion and 62,000 jobs are created by Michigan beer.

You heard that right. . . . Billions

I don't think anyone would question that Michigan is one of the top states in the country when it comes to beer, but the numbers are still surprising. Michigan has always been known for cars, and tourism, but now beer is going to be near the top of the Pure Michigan reasons.

It doesn't matter when you go in Michigan, you're not going to be far away from a nationally known brewery. The perfect way to show you what I'm talking about is the Michigan Brewery map from MIBeer below.

Click to find your Michigan Brewery
Click to find your Michigan Brewery

What is your favorite Michigan Beer?

I have to take the easy way out since it's almost summer and say Oberon, but my answer definitely changes many times throughout the year.

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