Spencer Platt, Getty Images
Spencer Platt, Getty Images

Four million, eight million or eleven million, it is not the numbers that matter, but it is a matter of law. After winning an election, each house member, senator and the president raise their right hand, and in front of witnesses take an oath to uphold the constitution and follow the laws of the land. Nowhere in that oath is the requirement to show loyalty to a political party, special interest group, foreign nation, or to acquiesce to any outside pressure. So with that oath as the foundation governing our elected officials, why are they insistent on breaking that oath, and by extension the law?

Since the days of Ellis Island, an orderly system of immigration to the United States, along with a legal means of obtaining citizenship is in place. Each year thousands of immigrants follow the prescribed methods of becoming legal residents, temporary workers and citizens. For each of them, their desire to become a legal citizen of this great nation is well worth the time, expense and rigors involved under current law. Their yearning for freedom and wanting to live up to their God given potential, unencumbered by the weight of oppressive government is the driving force behind that desire.

We are being told or led to believe, that without ‘comprehensive immigration reform’, we as citizens of the most free and open society on Earth would be denying our fellow ‘citizens of the world’, the opportunities and benefits we enjoy. We are being told that our economy, our schools, our society will not continue to exist if not for these reforms. We are being made to feel guilty for not welcoming a political ‘fix’ to the system which our elected officials need for their conscience to remain clear, or for them to win the next election. The legal answer is to enforce existing law - period. The moral answer is to obey your sworn oath to not place political fortunes above the good of the country.

So what is the real dilemma which we face? How can we as a nation continue to prosper, continue to exhibit to ourselves and the remainder of civilization that we are the compassionate, law abiding and just people as proclaimed in our founding documents? The answer is quite simple. The unique qualities which beckoned the early colonists to embark on a treacherous journey across the Atlantic and settle a new and strange land, must remain intact so that those who have that same  desire will be rewarded with the fruits of our founding upon their arrival to America.

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