O.K., we’re all adults here, so let us take a grown-up look at a problem, then, make rational, adult decisions and solve it. So that we don’t become distracted from the goal we should remove the temptation to persuade with emotional pleas, which can be used as a tool to manipulate and bolster one’s argument. Also taboo are the myriad of statistics and the claims of special interest and advocacy groups despite their origin or intent, foreign or domestic, including politicians, news reporters and opinion writers. The discussion should be between the American citizens, one to another, based on the premise of sustaining America as a free and sovereign nation. The urgent question to be answered is, “What is the correct solution to the immigration crisis occurring now on the southern border of the country?”

Without question we can agree that The United States, as a sovereign nation, has clearly defined borders, has an established set of laws – The Constitution – to govern itself, and the right to maintain that sovereignty, as does any other established nation. It is also agreed that the elected officials of the United States, swear an oath to the citizens of this country to protect and defend the nation and uphold the laws (The Constitution) of the country. We can also agree that ambiguity in the law and inconsistent application of the law leads to confusion, a sense of lawlessness, and anger amongst the populous. A mistrust of the government by its citizens fuels an agitated mood within, prompting civil unrest as the outlet. Let us as adults make one more agreement. We agree that to reach proper resolution will require each of us to honestly and fully assess the problem.

Our southern border has been breached by citizens of other countries without the legal permission of our government as prescribed currently by law. Their stated reasons for entering unlawfully range from seeking political asylum, fleeing violence and poverty, seeking medical care, religious persecution at home or to join family members. Upon arrival in the U.S., their expectation is to be warmly received, offered generous hospitality, then absolution for having violated immigration law. Being aware that some of the violators are minor children, the quandary before us warrants a balance between acts of compassion, and the application of existing immigration law. Here is where we shall credit our previous agreement to examine the facts and apply reason based on those facts in sanctioning the outcome of this encroachment.

How and where should we begin? A comparative analysis perhaps, would be your reaction to a stranger appearing on your doorstep and declaring ownership to a room in your home, daily meals, a regular stipend and/or membership in your family. Certainly you would deny the request as anyone would. Absent any violence directed at you, your next responses would include offering what is considered normal and compassionate assistance, such as food and water, or alerting medical professionals if necessary. You would then seek guidance from local law enforcement as to the best way to assist the individual and maintain the integrity of your domicile. Is your doorstep vastly different than the southern U.S. border?

As a nation, we can show that same benevolence towards those who seek refuge in America. Our immigration laws offers safe harbor to those who are oppressed by the governments in their country of origin. We the citizens of The United States of America agree that all are welcome on our shores. We petition you, however, to enter lawfully and enjoy the bounty of this great land. The foundation of America was built by those who sought individual liberty and had a burning desire to live self-governed as free men. They were men who sought a national identity; one with a bold but stealthy presence. From deep within they were driven to leave that same legacy for each generation which followed, and sacrificed all in doing so. If this is your aspiration, then let your example of reverence to that sacrifice reflect in your actions. Let that be the treasure cherished by America’s children.

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