Some of homes that you'll find for sale in Michigan aren't necessarily what you'd call "move-in ready." You could definitely say that about these homes in Flint that are for sale for under $20,000.

Not everyone can afford a home on the water with eight bedrooms, four bathrooms, a huge kitchen, swimming pool, hot tub, and multi-car garage.  As a matter of fact, most people can't afford all of that.

I do believe most people could afford to buy the houses that we're about to show you. However, I don't think they'd want to.

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I'll be totally honest with you, these homes are way overpriced. Yes, even the one that is listed for $7,900. As a matter of fact, most of the houses that you'll see below should be condemned. There might be a few that you might be able to save but that's about it.


Sure, you could attempt to try and fix them up but the majority are far beyond repair. They definitely need a lot of love and I honestly don't think that there's enough love in the world to bring them back to life.


It would be really cool to see what these homes looked like right after they were built.

Unfortunately, driving though parts of Flint you'll see a lot of homes that are in the same kind of condition as these ones...or sometimes worse.

Here's a list of 11 homes in Flint that you could buy for under $20,000.

Homes For Sale in Flint for Under $20k

Incredible 1920's Historic Flint Mansion Can Be Yours for $650K

The "Miller Road Mansions" as the area is often called is home to some of the most infamous homes in Flint's history. Auto executives, politicians, and well know Flint families have lived in the area for years. One home on the market is truly a piece of elegant history. almost 11,000 square feet this home is one the largest homes in the county and is located in the historic Woodcroft Estates. Built in 1929, the detailing throughout is everything you would expect for a mansion located on the iconic Parkside Drive. The home boasts 11 bedrooms, 9 baths, and 6 fireplaces and is decorated in such a way to honor the craftsmanship. Know as a home for entertaining over the years, it makes you wonder who walked those halls, took a dip in the beautiful inground pool, and played a set or two on the private tennis courts. Take a look inside.

Abandoned Millionaire's Home, Flint

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