One Mid-Michigan school district recognizes that traditional tactics for handling bullies may not be all that effective and is empowering students with alternate ways of fighting back.

Principal Jill Waliczek of List Elementary School in Frankenmuth says students have traditionally been taught to report bullying to an adult, but recognizes that this approach doesn't always work.

“And sometimes even puts a target on some of the kids who do struggle with those emotional resiliency skills,” Waliczek tells NBC-25. "We want them [the students] to feel like they can handle the problem."

Waliczek says her school is focusing on teaching students to be more resilient and to fight back verbally.

At a parents' forum held at Frankenmuth Bible Church on Sunday, Waliczek told parents that research finds students with more resilience tend to be bullied less frequently.

Parents and students can visit this website to learn skills to stand up to bullies and send the message that bullying is not acceptable.

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