Nineteen former University of Michigan basketball players are now amongst the list of alleged victims who say they were sexually abused by former U-M doctor Robert Anderson, according to MLive on Friday.

It's part of a lawsuit seeking damages from the university for alleged sexual assault/abuse dating back to the 1960s.

One of the unnamed players, who said he played for former men's basketball coach Dave Strack in the 1960s, says that he told Coach Strack about the alleged abuse and that Coach Strack did nothing. This according to the attorney representing the alleged victims, Ven Johnson.

Here's the quote from Johnson:

Coach Strack was told and did absolutely nothing, which is consistent with the WilmerHale report.

The WilmerHale report is the independent report on the allegations at U-M.

Johnson also said that the players were afraid to lose their scholarship if they didn't go see Dr. Anderson for their routine physicals.

There have been over 800 former U-M athletes and students that have alleged that Dr. Anderson sexually assaulted or abused them during their time in Ann Arbor.  Anderson was a doctor at Michigan from the 1960s until 2003.  He passed away in 2008.

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