This Michigan woman is taking a walk for a good cause. Tarissa Reel, out of Burton Michigan, nestled between Flint and Grand Blanc, has embarked on a 2,000 plus mile walk.

Reel will be walking approximately 2,301 miles. "Walking for the Voiceless," to help raise awareness towards mental health.

“I have been out walking almost every day multiple times a day if I can. Four months ago, I wasn’t allowed due to an abusive/toxic relationship. I had lost all control. However, I am finally free after leaving in fear of my life. BUT, I can use my legs to walk wherever I want to walk, for any reason that I want to walk NOW,” wrote on Reels GoFundMe page.

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Along the way, she plans on pitching tents and meeting new people. She does hope to finish her walk by August 8th.

“It is all about coming together. On our 20 mile walk yesterday we had a guy offer to buy us a gallon of water, someone gave us snacks, and a Church let us camp out on their lawn,” Reel added. “No matter where you come from or what you have been through you should always put one foot in front of the other. And know that you can overcome anything."

Reel was last seen in Owosso on Wednesday night and said she hopes to be in Perry by Thursday night.

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