State Republicans have found no fraud in the Michigan 2020 election that awarded the state to President Biden instead of former President Trump. Biden won Michigan by a margin of over 150,000 votes.

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The report, compiled by the Republican-controlled Senate Oversight Committee, found no evidence of Detroit ballot dumps, dead voters, or abnormal turnout numbers. These have all been talking points that conspiracy theorists have pushed since election day, in what many have dubbed 'the big lie'.

An expert from the report makes it clear that Michigan's election was fair and executed without bias:

There is no evidence presented at this time to prove either significant acts of fraud or that an organized, wide-scale effort to commit fraudulent activity was perpetrated in order to subvert the will of Michigan voters...Citizens should be confident the results represent the true results of the ballots cast by the people of Michigan.

While Trump has yet to comment on the report, he did lash out at Michigan lawmakers in a May statement, saying that lawmakers that aren't reviewing the “the Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020”...“should be run out of office”.

All the Republican members of the committee, including Senator Edward McBroom, Senator Lana Theis, and Senator John Bizon officially adopted the report at a Wednesday meeting. The lone Democrat on the committee, Senator Jeff Irwin, did not formally adopt the report as he says it supports unnecessary election bills put forward by the state's GOP members.

The December hearings that were held as part of the Michigan investigation were so laughable that they were lampooned by columnists and comedians alike, even inspiring this SNL skit:

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