Recently fired Flint Police Chief James Tolbert shared a “Message of Thanks to the Flint Police Department and the Citizens of Flint” on the Flint Police Operations Facebook Page; the message was taken down within a couple of hours of his firing.

Tolbert will be my guest on air tomorrow morning at 10:35 to talk about his legacy as the chief of police in Flint during a difficult two and half years. Below is his message of thanks:

Message of thanks Flint Police Department and the Citizens of Flint

I would like to thank the members of the Flint Police Department and the Citizens of the City of Flint for their support during my tenure as Chief of Police for the Flint Police Department. For those members of the administration and city council who had confidence in me and allowed me to lead this great department I thank you. In the 2+ years I have been here, I have had the pleasure of meeting and engaging so many of you with the focus of addressing crime and improving police and community relationships. I cannot forget the ecumenical, and service community as well as the other law enforcement agencies from the area, without you we would be in an unsurmountable situation. Great progress has been made and I can only hope my successor will continue down the path we have begun. There is much to be done and the foundation has been laid, this is not a time to rest on past laurels, moving forward will require innovation and implementation of strategies that will require sustainability. We have started 2016 with great promise and it is my belief it will continue and result in a banner year of lower crime. I will continue to watch you and pray for you Flint.

Thank You

James W. Tolbert

A screenshot of the message as it appeared on the City of Flint Police Department's Facebook page can be seen below:

tolbert message

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