Genesee County Drain Commissioner Jeff Wright spoke with WFNT on Tuesday morning to give an update on KWA, discuss the Flint water crisis and more.

Wright was asked about a Metro Times article in which he was exposed as an FBI informant and called a money launderer. He also responded to a Detroit television report which alleged his campaign donors were being awarded bids on the KWA project.

In what might be the biggest revelation of the conversation, Wright mentioned that Detroit is currently getting paid twice for water. Once Flint decided to join on with the KWA, Wright said the DWSD raised their rates 5% to other customers - Genesee County included - to offset the loss of Flint's business. In October 2015, the State of Michigan, Mott Foundation and City of Flint announced a return to Detroit water for a cost of $12 million. Due to the raise in rates for other customers, Wright said the DWSD could have given the water for free to Flint at that point.

Additionally, Wright said the City of Flint may still not be ready to treat KWA water until November of this year even though the pipeline will most likely be completed this summer. Hear the full interview below:

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