Governor Snyder said that replacing the worst water lines in Flint is underway, with the rest of the replacements to follow.

The water lines in Flint that have been shown to leach the most lead into the drinking water are currently being replaced with money from the state.

According to ABC12, the state has hired Rowe Professional Services (A Flint Company) to take on the task.  Governor Snyder talked about his immediate action plan saying,

We want to find the high-priority places for replacement as soon as we can and then work on longer-term solutions

The money that will go to fund this immediate work comes from money that has already been approved for Flint.

There is no word on how this will mesh with the $55 Million Fast Plan that was put out by Mayor Karen Weaver.

Some think that the Governors actions are a direct result of the NAACP's threat of civil disobedience if the state didn't take action soon.

This is great news for the residents that are living every day in the danger zone, and hopefully will only be the start of a much bigger initiative to fix Flint's water problems.